Sunday, March 9, 2008

A Rook's First View

I've been a long-time SIM user. Originally the Dynasty Sports, baseball, football, basketball and hockey. Lately, I've began getting into the Dynasty leagues: basketball and most recently, baseball.

First thing is intense, addicting, and could certainly become time-consuming. Especially for a rookie. I mean, one of the first things you have to deal with is managers and coaches negotiations. With little idea of any relative pay scale, you're basically bumping along in the dark. You never deal with that in Hoop Dynasty.

Also, the roster handling aspect is certainly more nuanced. All major league sports have their unique player/contract/roster regulations and related massaging of those regulations (Keith Van Horne). But baseball, with it's multitude of drafts, player levels, years-of-service, arbitration eligible, etal, requires a rare combination of talents to manage. My congratulations to anyone who manages all this and remains sane.

On that note, can anyone tell me what the point of the Inactive List is, and why would you use it? Isn't the point of the minor leagues to get prospects to play?

Still, I'm excited to get into the league, and any input, especially concerning roster management, is certainly most appreciated.


bierkieser said...

You have no idea how addictive this is! You're gonna LOVE IT!!

Thanks for posting and welcome to Guinness!

purplehaze54 said...

You will find that,especially in the lower minors, pitchers tend to wear down. You're only able to carry 25 on the active roster, but it's always good to have extra pitchers when that happens. So you put them on the inactive list to be used when needed. Does that help?