Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hoping for a deep draft

Considering the amount of Type A and B free agents (of which I signed one) this year, my second pick won't be until 78. In the less than 10 seasons in which I've participated, I've only ever had one supplemental pick (who didn't end up signing). I love the amateur draft, but drafting as late as I usually do (highest pick ever in either of my leagues was 14) rarely allows for me to select a top-notch pitching prospect as pitching seems far less deep than positional prospects in the draft. And considering Int'l pitching prospects are few and far between (and pricey), it's a real challenge to get any projected ML starting pitchers through the draft or Int'l market.

I'd love to see more projected ML pitching prospects in the amateur draft with L&R splits, control , velocity, and pitch quality on par with hitting prospects splits, batting eye, contact, and power numbers. Rarely have I seen starting pitchers in the draft have 80+ numbers across the board as has been the case with positional prospects.

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bierkieser said...

HBD certainly has a bias toward offense. Not that it's a bad thing... Chicks do dig the longball... but it would be nice to have a little balance.